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We offer an Australia wide design service, with extensive experience in both Victoria and Queensland.  Whether you are in a cold and draughty or a hot and humid environment, we understand the challenges temperature extremes can bring.  As certified passivhaus designers, we are well equipped to guide you towards living in a more thermally comfortable, sustainable and healthy home.  We have experience with passive house design and certification, as well as energy efficient renovation and extensions big and small.


At Ertha Design, we are interested in people; how we live, and the ways architecture can facilitate a rational response to the multi-faceted issues we face in the modern day.  This is often a fine balance between the aesthetic, functional and monetary driven definitions we set.

We are intent on crafting a thoughtful, enduring built environment that is sympathetic to nature and responds to Earths' natural rhythms for human health and comfort.


Drawing on over 20 years’ of experience in the industry, both in private practice as well as well-respected Australian offices in QLD & VIC,  Mellissa is a registered architect and a certified Passive House designer.  

Mellissa has been designing and documenting Energy Efficient & Certified Passive Homes since 2019, including Australia's first PH certified Hempcrete house in Victoria.   She is passionate about sharing the benefits that passive house can bring not only to cooler climates, but also to the warmer, more humid subtropical regions of Australia.  By adapting these proven construction technologies, we can not only create more thermally comfortable spaces but reduce running costs, carbon emissions, mold, condensation and improve overall health outcomes.

Having attained a Bachelor's degree in Psychology in her earlier years has helped Mellissa tune into individual client needs and has led to the long held belief that our built and natural environment play a crucial role in both our physical and mental well being.  


She's passionate about her community & lifestyle here in Queensland and would love to see everyone given the opportunity to live and work in places that replenish and fill the soul.

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